According to New Zealand researchers, children produced using in-vitro fertilization significantly taller at an early age:

The study by Auckland University’s Liggins Institute found IVF children conceived from fresh, rather than frozen, embryos were about 2.6 centimetres (1.02 inches) taller than non-IVF children by the age of six.

The research, which examined about 200 children, found the height difference was statistically significant, even after adjusting for variables such as the parents’ height.

It will be interesting to see what longitudinal studies suggest and if this height differential continues throughout adulthood.  After all, this study did use just 200 individuals as their sample, and the findings seem a tad spurious to this social science minded fellow.  Although they did prove to be statistically significant, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be explained away by other factors.

Give me 20,000 people in a sample and include age brackets.  If the findings are consistent, well, wow – North Carolina hoops will have a whole new way of recruiting!