I walk to work every day, and walk home for lunch too.  I pass the park in this photo exactly four times a day.

When my wife and I were going through our private little hell attempting to bring a bio baby into the world courtesy of science, I used to pass this park and see kids playing, running, screaming, etc.

I never could help but stop and watch.  And wonder.  Would we have one running around someday?  How could something that seems so innate, so natural, dare I say, so “normal” be so incredibly unattainable?  At the time, it seemed pretty hopeless.

Fast forward three years and the seemingly impossible occurred and we were inexplicably prego with baby #1.  After he was born, the Parks department planted this tree in the place of one that was lost in a pretty vicious storm.  The “baby” is almost 4 now, and I’ve watched this tree grow right along with him.

I walk past this tree 20 times a week, and every time, I’m reminded of my big boy, how fast he’s growing, and how lucky we are.

I know just how strange I look to people when I stop and stare at this tree.  I know I got some funny looks when I stopped to take this very picture.  It’s really not even that nice of a tree, frankly.  But for some reason, I feel like it’s symbolic.  Symbolic of my boy, symbolic of replacing the “vicious storm” which reminded me of our efforts to get him here.  It’s simply symbolic of a lot of things that I can’t allow myself to take for granted.

I hope to live in our current house for many years.  Because after the monsters are grown and move on, I’ll always have this tree – and you can bet you’ll find me, grayed and weathered, sitting under this tree with a cup of coffee and a big contented smile on my face.

Life’s funny.