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I noticed in the news today, that the first babies using a new IVF system are due sometime around Christmas.  This new technique  apparently has the potential to revolutionize the assisted reproduction industry.  The new technique is described as the “ultimate screening test”.

“Theirs are the first successful pregnancies…to be achieved as a result of the procedure, which looks for abnormalities in cells taken from tiny five-day-old embryos.

Blastocyst Chromosome Screening (BCS) can spot chromosomal mistakes in outwardly normal-looking embryos that may prevent pregnancies or lead to miscarriages.

Evidence from the United States suggests the procedure can boost the chances of a viable pregnancy after In-Vitro Fertilisation from around 35% to 75%.”

First – yay for higher success rates.

But second, did anyone else catch that little detail in there?  For those non-college-football watchers, the BCS happens to also be the initials for the Bowl Championship Series, a selection system that helps rank college football teams in order to create bowl matchups at the end of the season for highly successful teams.  It is loved and hated by many, but “BCS” is in the lexicon of almost every grown man.

“Honey, it’s time to look into the BCS” is going to be waaaaaaaaay more palatable than “Honey, it’s time to look into assisted reproductive technology.”

Watch for IVF rates to rise across the country.