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This isn’t a rant, nor is it going to be eloquent.  I’m just going to comment, and perhaps you might too.

Here’s the deal: I’m sure this has been kicked around plenty of times on the moral-ethical debate front, but I’m going to go ahead and say that I think 72 years old is too old to have a baby.

“Five years ago, Romania’s Adriana Iliescu became the oldest mother in the world. Then she was sixty-six years. Today, at the age of seventy two years she again wants to repeat the experience of 2005 i.e. to… get pregnant (using)… in-vitro fertilization (IVF), reports British paper ‘The Mail’ on Sunday about the woman who is well aware of her age and does not hide the fact that ‘once again she is trying not to look in the mirror.’”

First thing you’ll notice if you read the article? It appears to be written by a 9 year old aspiring journalist. Get an editor!

Second thing you’ll notice is the picture of the elderly woman smooching a baby.  Which, is cute and all.  But c’mon.  That woman is going to have a baby?

I have to admit I feel like a real asshole for saying it is unequivocally creepy that a 72 year old become pregnant.  After all, I think Tony Randall was 79 when he fathered his last child – and if that’s ok with society, well then why the hell not have a 72 year old mommy?

Maybe it’s because I’m a guy (quick check…yep, I am) and I held my mother on such a pedestal.  When I lost her last year, I was devastated.  How old was she, you ask?  73.

Am I jumping to conclusions thinking that it’s not her biological clock that this woman needs to think about – it’s just her TICKING CLOCK?  Birthing children knowing you’re going to be damned lucky to see their 8th birthday just feels irresponsible.  I can hear many of you saying that we’re all going to die and none of us can predict when we’re going to go, yeah, yeah, yeah…

But let’s be practical.  A 35 year old woman statistically has many years left in front of her provided she’s not addicted to heroin and enjoys bus-dodging as general sport.  A 72 year old woman, statistically speaking, has ONE YEAR, on average, to live.  Yes, the average life expectancy of a Romanian is 73 years of age.

Is it fair to the kid?  I think the answer has to be no.

But can we legislate an appropriate age for assisted reproductive technology?  I think the answer also has to be no.