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And for your reading pleasure, my first installment of “interview with X” where X might be just about anyone in the world, but today I’ll start with the big kid (no, not me).  For all answers, please assume they were yelled at me with great enthusiasm unless otherwise indicated.

Interview with a 3-year old.

What’s your favorite color?


What’s your favorite animal?


What’s your favorite food?


What’s your…


There’s no chicken?


I’m confused.

“Chicken, Daddy.  My food!”

Oh, chicken is your favorite food?


Okay, what’s your…


Chicken with ranch dip is your favorite food?


Ok, then.  Sounds good!  What’s your…

“I want some, Daddy.”

You want some chicken with ranch dip?


Can we finish the interview?

“No, I need food.”

I just have a few more…

“I need foooooooood!  Food food fooooooooooood!”

Okay, just give me a minute.

(pause for dramatic effect).

(returning with food).

Okay, here you go buddy.  Chicken with ranch dip.  What do you say?

“Thank you, Daddy”

You’re welcome.  Are you ready for the rest of your interview?


Alright then.  What’s your favorite place to eat?


That’s actually good, kid.  But you know, when we go out of the house to eat dinner?

“BOGGA’S HOUSE!” (Grandma).

Hmm…yeah, that’s good too.  I’m thinking of a restaurant.

“RUDY’S!” (local pizza)

Very good.

What is your favorite book?

“Tmmddb Dbbmmlll.” (chicken in mouth)

I’ll wait until you’re done with that bite.

“I need water, Daddy.”

Okay, just a minute.

There you go.  What do you say?

“Thank you, Daddy.”

You’re welcome.  Okay, now what’s your favorite book?


There’s a book called Delicious?

“No…water, Daddy!  It’s DEEEEE-LICIOUS!”

(me trying to gain composure)

Yes, water is very good for you.

“Yes.” (said very seriously)

Alright then, what was your favorite book?

“Tumble Bumble!”

I like that one too.

“Yes.” (said very seriously)

What’s your favorite toy?


Good one.  What’s your favorite TV show?

“Ummmmm… ummmmm… WONDERPETS!”

I like Wonder Pets too.


You’re right, that’s what they say!


Ok, now this is a trick question:  Who is your favorite Daddy?

(tackled on the floor. Interview ends for injury timeout).