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You may or may not have read Interview with a 3-year old but in order to not demonstrate favoritism, I decided to interview my 17 month old son too.  He has all of about 12 words right now, but he also can sign a fair amount, and he has other not so subtle ways of communicating.  Prepare for ground breaking journalism, folks.

Okay, buddy – let’s do this interview.  Are you ready?

Bink goes in the mouth.

Dude, no bink – we’re doing an interview (pulls bink from mouth).

Bink goes back into the mouth.


Bink gets spat out.  Big smile ensues.

Alright, kiddo – what is your favorite toy?

“Dog dog” (blue floppy dog he sleeps with)


Okay, what’s your favorite food?

“Wa wa” (water)

Well, that’s not food – but close.

Signs ‘please’

You want water?

Smiles, rocking back and forth – pretty much his yes.

(gets water)

Can you say thank you?

Signs ‘thank you’

Very good!

Finishes water, bink goes back in mouth.

Buddy, you’re killing me with this bink.  Can you take it out please?

Bink spits out.  Smiles.

Ok, so food – (I sign food) – what’s your favorite food?




Hmm.  Are you saying pancakes?

Smiles, rocking back and forth.

Okay! Pancakes are your favorite food.  Good!  Now, what’s your favorite color?

Signs ‘Please’

Please what?

Signs ‘More’ repeatedly

You want pancakes, don’t you?

Smiles, rocking back and forth, signing ‘more, more, more’

End of interview.