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imageSo today my little guy had his fourth surgery since May.  And technically, he’s just 19 months old.

He’s had someone poke a hole in his tear duct, he’s had two sets of tubes in his ears, and he’s had someone fix a portion of his, ahem, “manhood”. It’s been a rough 2010 for him, but here’s hoping we’re through with anesthesiologists for a while.

Most of these procedures have been very simple, but the hardest parts are the before – when he rather knows something is amiss – and then the aftermath when he’s coming off the anesthetic.  He’s disoriented, he’s hungry, and frankly, just generally pissed off.

But he’s a trooper, this kid.  An hour post-op, he was having breakfast at a local diner, shoving sausages, pancakes, eggs, and toast into his mouth while flirting with the waitress.  That’s my boy, Ike.