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My wife’s a teacher and anyone who is familiar with teaching knows you get notes from now and again that range from the curious to the cute to the absurd.  But on this particular day, she received a quite formal letter from a third grader that was so maturely written and thoughtful while being so completely hilarious, that it should be shared.  Any grammatical errors are original.

“Hello, my name is Gabe Pullman and I had a incident yesterday with me and my bus which was my fault so…I had to use the bathroom which for me takes about 25 minutes and I missed my bus and I got so mad I put up my middle finger and I feel bad I could not control my temper.

But what I think is best for me is to go back to my old school.  If my mom agrees say good bye to the folowing people:

  • Alex McCormac
  • Carter Wall
  • Dea Burk
  • Cameron “Something” room 25

    I can do Better and you deserve better.

    Thank you.”