This is rich.  No, really – this is RICH.  Like Uber-rich.  We’re all being duped folks, if you’ve read this blog at all you know how I feel about this stuff, but man, did Mother Jones just nail it graphically recently.  Take this graph, demonstrating the income gap – except the BEAUTIFUL part about this graph is not just the hideousness of the income gap, but the wool-over-the-eyes stupidity of Americans and what they think the income gap should be and what they think it actually is.  In fact, this explains a lot about the way people vote, but at the risk of having a bunch of market-starved-blood-thirsty-capitalists light me up in the comments, I’ll just let the chart speak for itself:

This is just priceless stuff.  Check out the remainder of the article here, it’s fantastic.

Don’t fool yourself – this is the answer to the economic crisis, and it also has implications for so many other issues, including National security and at the very least social justice.  Just how rich is too rich and just how long are we willing to ask the low and middle class income earners to bear the majority of the responsibility of the tax burden?  Well, if you ask Americans, it just doesn’t seem like that big of a problem.

And you know what the top 1% says about that?  Nothing.  Would you?