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Uh… this feels weird.

This was a part of my life so long ago, and yet remains such a part of my life today.  It’s all very surreal.  But regardless, if you have ever known anyone that has had issues trying to have a child, maybe this thing will provide some degree of commonality.  To what end, I have no idea – but my hope is that it will relate.

Anyway, the project I started so long ago just hit Kindle.  It should be available on the Nook soon, and it’ll be available in print in about three weeks if you can’t stand all this screen time.

Thanks to anyone that reads it, thanks to anyone that reviews it, and thanks to all the folks that helped it come to fruition.

Follow this link to take you to Amazon’s Kindle site if you’d like to take a peek at the first chapter, as I think they’ll let you do so…