I’m not a rap fan at all – I can count the number of rap songs that I truly like on one hand. Maybe even one hand that has encountered a couple bad accidents.  But for anyone that isn’t from Seattle, you might not know that the voice of the Mariners passed away this past off-season and with it went his gravely baritone joyous overreactions.  This song has been out for some time now, and has certainly made the rounds on the interwebs, but this live performance at KEXP is just so genuine, thoughtful, and yes, good, that I felt I should pass it along. I too grew up on Dave, and was in fact at the game sampled in the song – that call still gives me chills.

What I like the most about it is Macklemore is smiling through the whole thing – he’s just a very likeable character – and his enthusiasm is really quite contagious.  Anyway, hope you enjoy.  You’ll probably be muttering “My city, my city, childhood, my life…Niehaus…under those lights…” the rest of the day.