According to this article, IVF kids aren’t “normal”.

I’ve got two and a half big problems with this piece.

One, that the “not normalness” of children who are brought into the world with the aid of in-vitro fertilization is entirely tied up in the fact that it produces a higher rate of multiples, and thus, children that may be birthed early and smaller. Does that really make IVF kids “not normal”? No. In fact, even if you could argue that it puts them at higher risk for X, Y, and Z – I defy you to give me a definition of what “normal” is.

Two, that it leads with such an incendiary headline that would somehow suggest that IVF kids aren’t “normal”. That’s like asking adoptive parents if they “can have one of their own.” Get. A. Clue. Seriously. My God.

The half is related to just how many grammatical errors are in this thing, which lends itself to the total lack of credibility of the French Tribune.

It’s drivel like this that makes me very worried that things like Journalism standards and ethics are becoming a thing of the past.