Been away for a while busy with this thing called a “job”, trying to get the book out in front of people (Ellen, why won’t you return my calls?), wiping more tiny little butts than I care to admit, and doing an ungodly amount of writing about baseball (see twitter feed). But I stumbled across this story, and have to admit that I’m blown away at the commitment this Dad had in an effort to make his 16 year old’s life a living hell. The chasm between Dad thinking it was neat and cool and that it proves he loves his son and his son barely wanting to comment on the story so as to not glorify his Dad for making him hand-slap his forehead every time they drove by — well, it’s just too good to be true. And yet, it is.

Possibly the headline of the year:

I have a feeling there’s a fistfight with an 18 year old in this guy’s future.